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With extensive and broad experience in the Building Industry, the team at Nira Homes is well rounded, diverse and has the skills and capability to meet and exceed all of your expectations when building your new home.

Having had the diversity of working in both the 'volume' and 'custom' building marketplaces, we have identified the need for reasonably priced custom homes, giving the architectural feel without the premium price tag to go with it. Our exceptional systems, experience, buying power and non-negotiable use of only the best tradespeople allows us to provide this unparalleled service.

With over 14 years of experience and a genuine love for building, we strive to ensure that your new home building experience is smooth, transparent and enjoyable. We provide a fast, honest and reliable service to clients who have an appreciation for architectural flair. We love working with clients who are excited about the result of their new build. But our best results come with those that are also enthusiastic about the process of design, selections and ultimately creating the 'wow factor' alongside us.

At Nira Homes we want you to love your home! We want you to enjoy coming home and be proud of where you live. We want you to be excited to stay home and we want your home to make you feel special.


What we stand for:

- At Nira Homes we stand for quality at an affordable


- We stand for families. Connecting families through

  natural light, earth elements, warmth and relaxation.

- We stand for opportunity - both for you (our client)

  and also for our trades and suppliers who help make

  your home come to life.

- We stand for those who have fallen on hard times

  and have found themselves without a safe-haven - a

  place to call home.

Building Throughout The South East Suburbs & The Mornington Peninsula
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