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Has your builder gone bankrupt or into liquidation and left your home build incomplete?


Finish Building Your Dream Home

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If your builder has gone bankrupt and has left your dream home feeling out of reach, we want to help get it back on track and completed for your family.

At Nira Homes, we are experts in shifting distressed projects into completed homes. We will take charge of the entire process and turn your now-nightmare back into your family's forever home.

With over 14 years experience and a genuine love for building, Nira Homes strives to create a smooth building experience that is transparent and enjoyable for you.

We will takeover your entire build from re-assessing your build at its current stage, insurance claims, through to getting your keys so you can finally move in.

Transparency, trust and communication are at our core so that you can feel comfortable working with Nira Homes for a fast, honest and reliable service when completing your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the process to change over my build to Nira Homes?

Our Team is dedicated to ensuring your project runs smoothly, we pride ourselves on realistic timeframes.

Initial Quote: Once all the required information on the project and specifications is received, we aim to provide an initial quote back to you within 2 weeks.

Contract Signing: Once you're satisfied with the scope of works and our pricing, we allow one week for a draft contract to be sent to you. Once you are happy to proceed the contract is finalised and ready for signing, we offer this appointment in person or via Zoom.

Building Permit Acquisition: We find this stage is the longest part as it involves liaising with third parties, conducting compliance checks, and securing approvals from relevant authorities. We allocate 3 weeks for this period.

Total Project Timeline: We expect the above steps will be completed within a timeframe of 6 to 8 weeks.

Can changes be made to our house design or features within

We take great pride in being a custom home builder and our team gets excited when collaborating with our clients on their house design preferences. We are very flexible when it comes to making internal non-structural changes.

Will I be given a new timeframe for my house completion?

Yes, we will provide you with a revised completion date. We have found so far; the longest part of this  process is waiting for insurance.

How often will I receive updates about the progress of my home?

Our Site Supervisor or Manager is in contact with you weekly. This ensures you can plan and ask any questions or concerns you may have during the different stages.

What locations does Nira Homes build in?

We build primarily in the East, Southeast and Peninsula area.

Do you offer a referrals or rewards program?

Yes, we will pay you $5,000 for successful referrals who sign contracts with Nira Homes.

Contact us to find out how Nira Homes can help to complete your home and arrange your free onsite initial inspection with our team.

In 8 short steps, your home build will be back on track with Nira Homes

1. Free onsite initial inspection

2. Project document collection

3. Provide you with a quotation to complete your home

4. Contract

6. Building Works

7. Final independent inspection

8. Completion and handover

Contact Us For A No-Obligation Free Consultation

Thanks. Our team will be in touch shortly to arrange your consult.

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