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Nira Homes Free Design Consultation

Enjoy an Exclusive No-Obligation Free Design Consultation

Unfold Your Vision Into Reality For Your New Unique Dream Home

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Thanks. Our team will be in touch shortly to arrange your consult.

Building Beyond a House: Creating Your Home

We believe that every home should be as unique as you are. And in this initial design consultation, our expert team will help to unveil the functionality, flair and personality that your home deserves and your dreams narrate.

Creating your forever home can seem daunting, which is why we take the time to get to know you and anticipate what it is you need and want in your new sanctuary. 


Your new custom home requires meticulous planning and our team are here to simplify the process for you and provide a enjoyable designing and building experience.

Custom Home

What You Can Expect

Our clients work with us to create their very own customised dream home to suit their needs and personal taste, with a splash of architectural flair. And the initial design consultation is the beginning of it all.

During this 30 minute meeting, we will sit down with you face-to-face, or via a video call if preferred, and discuss:

1. What our entire process looks like from this initial consult through to getting the keys. You can feel at-ease with our enjoyable and seamless construction experience.


2. We will then look at any design concepts you may have or start completely from scratch by seeing what sort of homes appeal to you.


3. Next we will cover all of the features and functions that you require in your home to suit your lifestyle.


4. Then we will get creative and create your list of must-haves and nice-to-haves in your new forever home to really make it unique to you. You may know these already or we can give you ideas of things you didn't even know you needed.


5. And finally, this consult is here to make you feel informed and comfortable with the entire process so we will go through any questions you may have about the design, the building process and anything else you'd like answered.

If you choose to continue creating your home with us then we will walk you through the next steps. If not, then at least you have gained clarity for what you need and would like in your new home and had fun along the way.

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If you are ready to commence creating your new custom home, fill in your details below to arrange your free, no obligation consultation with our friendly expert team.

Thanks. Our team will be in touch shortly to arrange your consult.



10 year minimum Guarantee (25 years on Structural). Quality is a non-negotiable at Nira Homes



6 month price lock from date of fixed price quotation. No 'extras' or 'hidden costs'.



We contact you every week with an update & advise you of the schedule for the following week.



Your home will be ready when we say it will be or we'll pay you $300 per week until it is.



We donate $1,500 from all builds to aid in the rescue & rehab of innocent victims of child trafficking.

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