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Quality Guarantee

10 year minimum Guarantee (25 years on Structural).


Quality is non-negotiable at Nira Homes. We demand it from our staff, suppliers and our subcontractors. That's why we can guarantee it!


Every mandatory stage of our homes are inspected, both internally and from an external party to ensure it surpasses the highest of standards.


We will also provide a Handover Inspector of your choice ensuring complete transparency (Nira Homes will provide a list).

Fixed Price Guarantee

6 month price lock from date of fixed price quotation.


No 'extras' or 'hidden costs'. You've heard the horror stories of building budgets blowing out. Our fixed price guarantee means that you can rest assured that this won't happen when you build with Nira Homes.


We ensure that all 'variables' are addressed prior to building your new home to ensure no nasty surprises along the way.

Communication Guarantee

We understand that building a home can be a very stressful time. But we also know that stress comes from the 'unknown'. This is why we offer our Communication guarantee.


We will contact you every week to inform you on the weeks events and to advise you of the upcoming schedule for the following week.

Time Guarantee

*24 weeks build-time on a standard single storey home (less than 30 squares).


Time is money ...and it's something you can't get back! That's why we guarantee that your home will be handed over when we say it will be.


*We will pay you $300 per week if your project runs over time.

Community Guarantee

We are extremely proud to be a Rescue Partner with Australia's own Destiny Rescue Foundation.


We currently contribute $1,500 from every new build to aid the rescue of innocent & vulnerable victims of child trafficking.


Nira Homes... where the term 'Charity begins at home' rings true.

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