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Free 30 Minute Design Consultation

Commence your Dream Home journey with a free 30 minute initial design consultation.


At Nira Homes, we believe that every home should have individuality, functionality and a flair and that matches your lifestyle and personality. Creating your dream home should be not be over-complicated, but it must be a well thought-out process. We don't want you to have any of those 'I wish I had have...' moments; this is why we take the time to get to know you and identify what you want and need in your home (both now and in the future).

Whether you already have a design (or concepts), or are looking to start from scratch, our experienced team has the expertise and know-how to walk you through the entire process in a free, no obligation, relaxed & informative design consultation. 

Design Studio
Personal Design Studio

Personal Design Studio at your Fingertips

One size does not fit all!


If you're after a house that looks exactly the same as your neighbours, with a generic facade and bland fittings & fixtures, the truth is, we are not the builder for you.

Our clients work with us to create their very own Dream Home. Unique and customised to suit their needs and personal taste, with a splash of architectural flair.

You'll have access to 'open house' days at our design studio; and when you're ready, you'll be able to sit down with your very own personal qualified Interior Designer to assist you with all of your selections.

It's Your Home... Get What You Want

From facade to finishings... when building with Nira Homes, you get what you want! And if you don't know what you want, we have an experienced team of Architects, Builders and Interior Designers to help you figure it out.

Browse our designs. Choose from our customisable designs, which can be altered to suit your lifestyle; or allow us to create a design just for you, to suit your family and budget.

Our simplistic and functional approach, combined with visual aspects and the use of natural light and earth elements throughout, ensures a comfortable and affordable home; with a 'Wow-Factor' that our competitors simply can't replicate.


Unlock Your Dream Home With A FREE 30 Minute Design Consultation

Please fill out your details below and one of our friendly staff members will contact you to either arrange your initial free consultation, or provide you with more information on our design process.

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