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The Valley 42




Enjoy spacious and serene luxury on your acreage lot with The Valley 42

Discover The Valley 42, a home designed to perfectly complement acreage lots. An expanded version of the much-loved Valley 37 acreage design, it offers even more space and luxury for those who appreciate the grandeur of open land.

With an additional bedroom and ensuite for each room, this home provides the utmost in comfort and convenience. The 2-car garage, now with extra storage, ensures that your acreage lifestyle is as practical as it is luxurious.

Featuring 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, The Valley 42 offers ample room for each family member to have their own private retreat while avoiding any fights over a shared bathroom. Here, spacious living meets the beauty of open landscapes, making it the ideal choice for those who cherish the serenity of acreage living.

View the smaller design variation, The Valley 37 or the larger variation, The Valley 50.

When you build with Nira Homes, we prioritise your family’s needs and wants. That is why our home designs can be completely customised to ensure you receive the home you have always dreamed. Speak to our friendly team to start creating your new home and arrange your complimentary 30-minute design consultation.


The Valley 42




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